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30+ years later...21st century

2011 to present


Chuck Case - 2011


Bob Robinson in his '53 Ford - They don't make 'em like this any more.


Rick "Short S**t" Carlson boats a big Minnesota Muskie


Tom and Steve Rivara in Union, Missouri, August, 2011. That Chevy HHR is just as shiny as it was when it was new.


Steve Rivara and Tom's boss, Ele - Union, Missouri, August, 2011  


Tom and Ed Sabo. Fayettville, Illinois,  August 30, 2011


Harvey Mantei-Fall 2011 - "All hands, stand by to man the rakes"


Two Toms - Diaz and Totoris in San Antonio


Chief Diaz at statue of St. Anthony along River Walk, San Antonio

FN Harvey Mantei entertains guest FN John Berner and Robbie (below)


FN  John Berner hooks up with Robbie Robinson in Oregon


Celebrating an old man's 60th birthday, Robbie Robinson hooks an 8 lb. blue fish


Yosemite Sam meets the Mighty Fisherman
Brian Giles and Tom Patterson meet in Amarillo, TX, October 13, 2012


1972 to 2012 - 40 years,  and still lots of memories - Brian Giles, ex-EN3

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