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Crew Members

30+ years later...21st century

EN1 Clarence Murphy - 2006
Plank Owner
RM2 Chuck Case - 2006
Plank Owner
MR2 Brady Clinger (72-74)
Hooper, Utah - 2006

OS3 Jason Cody
at St. Lucia – 2006

EN2 Tom Totoris (our webmaster) &
Tom Patterson - Xmas 2003

SM2 Marlin Green - 2006
Plank Owner - (70-73)
(21# King salmon)

BT3 Steve Rivara- 73-75
1968 Unrestored Toronado-2006
EM2 Bob Chuisano - 2006
NYFD-Queens, Rescue 4
EN2 Dave Dyer, Knoxville, TN, 2006
Plank Owner (70-74)

2006-Chief Engineer Andrew J. Dillon
bags a 10-point muley, Sonora, Mexico

"Cookie" MSSN Bob Mahler-2007

Brady & Gayle Clinger - June 2001

Brady & Gayle Clinger - May 2007

Gary Baudino & First Love (Liz)
HT3, R-Division, '72-74

Gary Baudino & Second Love
San Juan River, NM

Del Loewe & buddy with huge salmon

Del Loewe and his gorgeous daughters

Del Loewe (3rd from Left) and Viet Nam Veterans, Navy buddy inside (LTJG John Reese),
flanked by two Marine Corps friends on the outside (John Estes [R]). 
This is from the upper Sacramento River.
My salmon was about thirty pounds.

None of us had seen one another in 30 years-we all had a mini-reunion in Cancun, Mexico, Dec 2006

(L-R) ENFN Bill Bohnen (Willy), EN2 Ralph Easley (Billy), EN3 Chas. Tulipana (Tuli), EN3 Jay Korteum (Scrotum), EN2 John Anderson (Andy).

(L-R) EN2 Anderson, EN2 Easley, EN3 Tulipana, EN3 Korteum.


Grandpa Ed Sabo and brood of grandchildren
Here's a picture of EN1 Ed Sabo, wife Marie, and their four grandkids  taken in October
of 2007.  Fortunately, the grandchildren got their  looks from their grandmother!

Steve Rivara and his brand new 2008 Chevy HHR
Steve just got out of the hospital after a tough fight. If these new "Hot Wheels" don't lift his spirits, I bet an e-mail to him at
ser@yhti.net would do it


MSSN Bob Maher, Skinny-T crewman, 1974-77
World traveler, Bob loves San Diego. This picture was taken at La Jolla.


EN3 Mike Martino, Skinny-T crewman, 1973-75
There was a knock at the door of Tom's house in Albuquerque.
Tom opened thre door and there was Mike, just passing through.


Andrew Dillon, the great white hunter, strikes again!

African safari - 2008
Anybody have a 50 cu. ft. freezer where Andrew can pack this beef?

"You're next, Thumper, you wascally wabbit!"!


The following is dedicated to all snipes, especially those who worked in Engine Room #3, 1975 thru 1978.

Mike Niemeyer and Ralph Easley with one ugly dog, sharing a can of Miller Lite.
(The dog is already half crocked. The others are on their way.)


Ralph Easley, Jim Featherman, & Mike Niemeyer hunting and fishing in Dolores, Colorado, Sept '08
(Squirrels, chipmunks and field rats, y'all better look out! These dudes mean business!)


QM3 Clyde Veltman on chopper.  Orange County Choppers of NY founder Paulie Tuetle Sr.
with Foo Manchoo and his son Mikey with long hair stands beside him.
What drives otherwise sane men to have a change of life crisis of this magnitude?

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