(LST 1185)



Nothin' to do but sky larkin'

A & B gang - WestPac
L-R Back row BT3 Meyers, EN2 Dyer, Unkwn
EN2 Tom Deshant, FN Harvey Mantei, FN Ron Logan, FN Robbie Robinson
BT Steve Rivar a staring into space, EN1 Sabo Jackin Jaws
courtesy of Steven E. Rivara


Now here's a motley crew

R-Division, Feb. 1974

This a a picture of the hull techs.  Back row 2nd from left is Donelly HT2,
(Front row, l - r) HTFN Tesslink, HT2 Smith and HT2 Baudino, others unknown.
courtesy of Steven E. Rivara

FN Anderson, FN Fielder - Main 1
photo by Tom Totoris

Roger Miller (far L) and Dan Sutherland (far R)
IC3 Gary Wilson (middle)
photo by Bob Chuisano

Top to right, FN Anderson, EN3 Moody, EN3 Jones
photo by Tom Totoris


Top to right, EN2 Bruce (Cig), EN1 Sabo,
FN Weathers, John Shue(back), unknown
photo by Tom Totoris

Chuck Donnelly and Zan Padgett
photo by Bob Chusiano

FN John Shue, FN Robbie Robinson
photo by Tom Totoris

EM2 Bob Chuisano
Port call in Hong Kong

MR2 Dave Moyer, FN Robinson
photo by Tom Totoris


Standing FN Griffin, FN Tom Patterson
Table, FN Jones, EN3 Atkins, FN Anderson, EN3 Romeo Bactol
photo by Tom Totoris

L-R FN Armando Marcos, MR2 Dave Moyer, MR3 Brady Clinger
photo by Tom Totoris

EN3 Hodges, BTFN Grace in BVD''s
photo by Tom Totoris


Tom Totoris and Mike Martino, circa 1975, San Diego.
courtesy of Steven E. Rivara

EN1 Tom Totoris (our Skinny-T Webmaster) at Charleston, SC, 1981

Canvas Shop
(above) BM2 Dever, (sitting) BM3 Maynard


Galley Crew-1993 --  Thanks to Lamont Harris

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