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QMs assist the navigator and officer of the deck (OOD), steer the ship, take radar bearings and ranges, make depth soundings and celestial observations, plot courses and command small craft. Additionally, they maintain charts, navigational aids and oceanographic publications and records for the ship's log.
QMC Stienstra

QM2 Bunch

QMSN Bates

QMSN Beliveau

QMSN Williams

QMSN Jacobs

OSs operate radar, navigation and communications equipment in shipboard combat information centers (CICs) or bridges. They detect and track ships, planes and missiles. They also operate and maintain identification friend or foe (IFF) systems, electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment and radio-telephones.

OS1 Speck

OS3 Friedman

OS3 Daminger

OS3 Scott

OSSN Civick

OSSN Pitts

OSSA Chard
SN Davis 

HM1 Macgillis
HMs assist medical professionals in providing health care to service people and their families. They serve as pharmacists, medical technicians, food service personnel, nurse's aids, physician's or dentist's assistants, battlefield medics, X-ray technicians and more. An HM's work falls into several categories: first aid and minor surgery, patient transportation, patient care, prescriptions and laboratory work, food service inspections and clerical duties.
HM2 Mountain
HM3 Peoples
PSs provide enlisted personnel with information and counseling about Navy jobs, opportunities for general education and training, promotion requirements and rights and benefits. They also assist enlisted members' families with legal aid or reassignments in hardship situations. PSs keep records up to date, prepare reports, type letters and maintain files.
YNC Dalton
YNs perform secretarial and clerical work. They deal with visitors, telephone calls and incoming mail. YNs organize files and operate copy machines and order and distribute supplies. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms and reports. They maintain files and service records.

PN1 Holcomb
The Navy operates a large postal system manned by Navy PCs, who have similar duties to their civilian counterparts in the U.S. Postal Service. PCs send mail on its way; collect postage-due mail; prepare customs declarations; collect outgoing mail; cancel stamps. They also perform a variety of record-keeping and reporting duties, which include maintaining an up-to-date directory service and locator file.
PC3 Pray

YN1 Shanrock

YNSN Trumbull

PNSN Newman

MA1 Walker
MAs uphold law and order aboard ships and shore stations. They report to the executive officer, help maintain discipline and assist in security matters. They ensure regulations are enforced, conduct investigations, take part in correctional and rehabilitative programs and organize and train Sailors assigned to police duty. Their equivalent in the civilian world is detectives and policemen.
SA Soto


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