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This is one of the nicest photos I have received show casing the Skinny-T.
This time, it comes from an on-board Marine, John McDonald 1st. Battalion, 7th Marines  89-92.

"I was embarked aboard your ship prior to my embarkation aboard the USS New Orleans for RIMPAC 90 and I have a few photos of the Schenectady.  I enclose the following photo because maybe some of the individuals in your group can recognize some of the guys in it.  The photo was taken somewhere off the west coast.  I remember that we had an access hatch into the "CHT"? tank in the troop spaces and during a period of rough weather something in the space that hatch led to let go and a bunch of sailors in what looked like fire fighting gear had to go down there and do something.  I mention this to narrow down the time period for any crew that might remember that incident to try and identify the guys in the picture. Anyway, I enjoyed my time on your ship- everyone was very accommodating and answered any questions I had as I roamed all over her- even when I went on the bridge.  Also, I thought the chow was very good.  Figure that!  Your ship was my introduction to sea service, which is why I still remember her.  Have a nice day."

Thanks for this great photo, John. You and your fellow Marines made made major contributions to the Skinny-T and to the superiority of amphipious warfare.

Nothin' to do but sky larkin'

A & B gang - WestPac
L-R Back row BT3 Meyers, EN2 Dyer, Unkwn
EN2 Tom Deshant, FN Harvey Mantei, FN Ron Logan, FN Robbie Robinson
BT Steve Rivar a staring into space, EN1 Sabo Jackin Jaws
(Photo by Steven E. Rivara)


Now here's a motley crew

R-Division, Feb. 1974

This a a picture of the hull techs.  Back row 2nd from left is Donelly HT2,
(Front row, l - r) HTFN Tesslink, HT2 Smith and HT2 Baudino, others unknown.
(Photo by Steven E. Rivara)

FN Anderson, FN Fielder - Main 1
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

Roger Miller (far L) and Dan Sutherland (far R)
IC3 Gary Wilson (middle) (P
hoto by Bob Chuisano)

Top to right, FN Anderson, EN3 Moody, EN3 Jones
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

Top to right, EN2 Bruce (Cig), EN1 Sabo,
FN Weathers, John Shue(back), unknown
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

Chuck Donnelly and Zan Padgett
(Photo by Bob Chusiano )

FN John Shue, FN Robbie Robinson
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

EM2 Bob Chuisano
Port call in Hong Kong

MR2 Dave Moyer, FN Robinson
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

Bob Chuisano & buddy displaying the cheap and dirty way to ship your car overseas
(Uncle Sam's Auto Transport Co.)

Standing FN Griffin, FN Tom Patterson
Table, FN Jones, EN3 Atkins, FN Anderson, EN3 Romeo Bactol
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

L-R FN Armando Marcos, MR2 Dave Moyer, MR3 Brady Clinger
(Photo by Tom Totoris)

EN3 Hodges, BTFN Grace in BVD''s
photo by Tom Totoris


Tom Totoris and Mike Martino, circa 1975, San Diego.
courtesy of Steven E. Rivara

Tom Totoris (our Skinny-T Webmaster)

Canvas Shop
(above) BM2 Dever, (sitting) BM3 Maynard

Toadmire & Klinkermyer, contemplating liberty

Brady Clinger (R) & good 'ole Dave

Machinery Repairman, 3rd class looks
forward to fixing a really screwed up problem.

Nothing screws up liberty more than pulling SP duty.
GMG3 Frazier on Shore Patrol in Kaoshung, Taiwan.

Do we give a special break to fellow crew members?
MR2 Moyer & EN2 Dyer ignoring sins of fellow crewmen.

Everybody's ashore, getting drunk and enjoying liberty
except this poor Bos'n who has been awarded the prize
of swabbing down the skipper's gig.

HT2 Duane R. Smith
10/1/53 - 2/17/77
died in a tragic auto accident

Future ENCS Cabrera (L) & ENC Quiros

FN Harvey Mantei

Fire Bug Striker, FN Tom Patterson

FN Chuck Wenner of Phila. Pa

EN3 Roger Hollis (L) and EN3 Rick "shorts**t" Carlson

EN2 Brian Vestre of Great Falls, Montana

[above photos (from slides) by Tom Totoris]


Manning the rail (kinda sloppy, huh?)

EN1 Mike Gray - on board 93-95

Thanks for the pix, Mike (Mike was also on USS Elk River (LSMR-501).

Mid watch, cover-all wash and drying by main engines. (Photos by Mike Gray)


(L-R) FN Armando Marcos, QM3 Francisco Gomez, BT3 Larry Burnett
at National City, CA apartment--home away from home


Plank owner, Louis W. Mann, RD2.  "I left the ship just prior to it's
first deployment to WESTPAC and was discharged in October of 1971."

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