(LST 1185)

Shipboard Life

The WestPac work horse and the men who ran it.

Beaching at Coronado

Myers acts as LSE for flight quarters

BMC MacLaughlin and BM1 Myers

Deck load after load out in Da Nang

Beaching at Coronado

Flight Quarters - LT Roy Dooley, Engineering Officer

'Gator' painted on signal bridge

Helo arriving with external load

Helo landing

Helo drops load

HM2 Crown and GMG3 Downs

Highlining BT2 Shirey

Hoisting a boat (A)

Hoisting a boat (B)

Hong Kong with USS Schenectady moored

USS Schenectady In drydock (A)

USS Schenectady In drydock (B)-

Island with clouds

Kagoshima Japan - shrine to Admiral Togo who won battle of Tsushima Strait

Kagoshima Japan, sea front(A)

Kagoshima Japan (B)

Kagoshima Japan (C)

Kagoshima Japan with Sukarajima volcano in middle of bay

Kagoshima Japan-Volcanic rock

Load out in Da Nang (A)-

Load out in Da Nang (B)

Load out in Da Nang (C)

Load out in Da Nang (D)

LVT Operations (A)

LVT Operations (B)

Nihoa Island (in Hawaiian chain)

Sunset, Western Pacific (A)

Sunset, Western Pacific (B)

Unrep line handlers (A)

Unrep line handlers (B)

Unrep with USS Denver (LPD9)

USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor

USS Reliance (PG95) makes approach for unrep (A)

USS Reliance (PG95) departs
after unrep (A)

USS Wyndham County (LST1170) in Pearl Harbor

[above photos courtesy of Lt. Scofield]

Load ramp, Camp Hansen, Okinawa (A)

Load ramp, Camp Hansen, Okinawa (B)

Looking up the ramp with the other 'T' alongside

Taking on cargo

[above photos courtesy of Brady S. Clinger]


Bridge wing

LCVP-4 with
Robbie & Poppa

Underway with
deck load of cargo

Redwood City, CA

Tied up
Redwood City, CA

Hauling a causeway
M-1 Abrams roadway

Stern-causeway on board
Just doing our job

Steaming at 20 knots
(no sweat!)

n port-Sasebo-Nov '73
USS Sample FF-1048 alongside

Signal bridge-1973

In port-Sasebo-Nov '73

Mount 13-3"/50 cal. mount

Looking forward through "wind tunnel"

[above photos courtesy of Tom Totoris]

The officers and crew of the Skinny-T
offer their sincere thanks to
those who provided photos for
the USS Schenectady web site.

Additional photos of the ship and crew
may be found on Chuck Case's web site.


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