Photo courtesy of Thomas Riley, EMC (USN, Ret.)

Sidney, Ohio - August, 2011


On short notice, Skinny-T snipes got together for a great weekend in Ohio for a super time at the

Black Gang from 1970-75   (L to R)  FN Tom Patterson, BT3 Steve Grace, EN2 Dave Dyer,
 FN Robbie Robinson, EN2 Tom Totoris ,EN3 Mark Fielder, EN3 Harvey Mantei, FN John Shue


I went to Wright-Patterson AF Base and all I got was this lousy T-shirt


Let the Reunion Begin!

We never thought we'd be here after 30 years--that's friendship!


Enough of this foolishness. Let's go out and get some REAL food!


Here's the REAL food!   Half-way across the country to go to Micky D's!


Let's check out the museum.


P-40 Flying Tiger

German WWII Flak Gun

Doolittle "Tokyo Raid" Memorial


Somebody needs to make a beer run!


RAF Lancaster bomber

German ME-262 (first jet)

German ME-109

Korean War F-86 Sabre


Let's go hunt up some chicks while we're still able to stand up!


Japanese Baka bomb trainer

Russian MIG-17

Red Chinese MIG-19

Apollo 15 Capsule


John Shue never thought a meal consisted of eating out of bags!


Enough sitting around, guys, let's begin the first annual Snipe 10k race.


"Sounds good to me. I'm ready to go," says John Shue

[L toR] Harvey Mantei (pool hustler), John Shue (10k runner) and Tom Patterson (master fisherman)


Harvey Mantei (waiting for chow line to open)

John Shue (hunting free tickets to museum)


Steve Grace suffering with Harvey's war stories

Dave Dyer chillin' out


Tom and Harvey waiting to take pix of the gal in the tanktop.


"Man, this last round really needs some walkin' around time."

"I ain't leavin' this table 'till all the snacks are gone."


"Y'know, that Bud Lite really ain't that LITE!"

"Hang on to the chair, Tom, this room is spinning like crazy"

[Above ten photos courtesy of Robbie Robinson]



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