April 10-13, 2008
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

After all these years, it's about time to trice up the main brace, light the smoking lamp and call for liberty for all crew members and their families.

How about it, crew members?

Stan Civick has proposed a wonderful
opportunity to get together once again.

What better place to get together and
share the good times and memories
than beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC?

We're planning for the weekend of April 10th 2008 which is a Thursday through the 13th at beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC

There are many golf courses in the area for those who do and mini golf for those who don't. They have the best seafood buffets.

I will try to have a one-price inclusive package to include meals room and entertainment. Transportation will not be included.
Cost is $89.00 + tax and fees per night for an ocean front suite.

Total cost depends on your options.
Contact Stan if you have questions.

Totals will not include transportation except for the trip to the Navy museum.
Myrtle Beach is a 2-hour ride (95 miles) to
Patriot's Point Naval Museum for those who would enjoy a look into our Navy past.

Please contact me ASAP and let me know what your thoughts are. I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact anyone you still have contact with from the ship and forward my email and phone info on to them.

Send mail to STAN CIVICK
Phone is 804-994-3938

Here's the planned itinerary:

The Crown Reef Resort

Thursday 4/10/08

6 - 10 pm - Meet and greet at hotel; give name tags
- Instructions & maps to events (golf, day trip, etc.)
- Have finger foods/appetizers
- Beer, soda, water

Friday 4/11/08

7 - 9 am - Breakfast buffet at Coral Reef
- Day trip to
Navy Museum at Patriot's Point
- Swim, lounge at hotel
- Other activity of your choice
- Lunch on your own

5 - 7 pm - Dinner at Benjamins Seafood buffet

8 pm - Good Vibrations show
- Meet back at hotel lounge after show

Saturday 4/12/08

7 - 9 am - Breakfast buffet

9:30 - 12:30 pm - Bowling contest (round-robin single elimination)- Lunch buffet at Ripley's Aquarium
7 - 11 pm - Final dinner open bar - Hawaiian Luau w/roast pig

Please leave your comments in the guest book. Please share your thoughts on this reunion and any other comments you may have.

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If you haven't contacted STAN CIVICK yet,
e-mail him or get on the horn: 1-804-994-3938


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