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USS Schenectady met an ignominious end, off Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. US Air Force B-52's dropped guided bombs on the decommissioned LST, one of which completely destroyed the ship. The seventh ship in the Newport class of Tank Landing Ships, the USS Schenectady served as a target of a recently developed air-to-surface/moving target guided bomb. News footage shows a single hit completely destroying ship. The final resting place of the Schenectady will prove to be a productive artificial reef where none existed before. As a diver on artificial reefs, I will long remember the names and histories of the ships I dove upon more than those who met their fate at the end of a welder's torch. The Schenectady was a great lady in her time. Hopefully, much was learned during her final service as a target. Shipmates probably feel she deserved a kinder fate but her service was honorable.

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Thanks to all the Skinny-T sailors for giving me the opportunity to create this web presence. I never served aboard her but have a great deal of respect for the ship and those who served aboard her and their service to our Great Nation. She was unique and her end came too soon.

Derick S. Hartshorn, USN (Ret.)

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